Quotes and Billing

  • Easy Invoicing: provides a clear and complete process to generate quotes, orders, deliveries, invoices and refunds.
  • Custom PDF Templates:The PDF documents you send out to your customers are often highly process relevant. This is why allows you to go beyond standard templates and let you customize every aspect of your print out documents.
  • Audit-Proof: complies with global legal standards by ensuring that transactions - once booked - can no longer be edited or manipulated.
  • Price Lists and Discounts:With you can easily define absolute and relative discounts as well as customer-specific prices for certain items.
  • Automated Inventory Control:Every in- or outgoing delivery automatically creates a stock transaction which updates the current stock amounts for each item. Similarly ensures that the item amounts and serial numbers are covered for each item when booking a delivery or shipment.

Central Account and Supplier Management

  • Keep an Overview of your Customers and Suppliers:The Accounts app enables easy access to all information, activities and documents associated with an account – from e-mails to contracts.
  • Drill Down in the History:Your team has quick access to all elements and data – be it past e-mails, current contracts or price lists. With you can create transparency and a sound basis for a long term success story.
  • Customize Form Fields:In order to know your customers you need to be able to store all relevant information in a structured manner. This is why allows you to create individual form fields which you can use to filter for specific values or use for analytics.
Accounts and contacts

Lead & Opportunity Management

  • Stay Tuned: helps you to follow up opportunities and don’t lose track of correspondence and progress. You can use Mindlog to seamlessly collaborate with your co-workers and win new deals as a team.
  • Work Anywhere and Collaborate Anytime: CRM features are available on our mobile app as well. This way you can easily access all your critical customer data when you are on the move.
  • Always get "The Full Picture":In In ZeyOS, Groupware and CRM work as one - your customer's e-mails, appointments and notes are directly linked with your customer profiles, opportunities and quotes. This way, you can always draw from the full range of information instead of using dozens of different systems and data silos to get the information you need when working on a lead.
  • Easy Forecasts:Besides indicating the likelyhood of success, your sales team can also specify the expected revenue range. This data can be used to create instant sales forecasts and to evaluate your sales staff.
Lead and Opportunity Management


  • Ticket System: features a fully integrated ticket system that allows your team to track and prioritize all customer requests.
  • E-Mail Integration:You can assign an e-mail with a ticket directly. If an e-mail's subject line includes a ticket number, it will automatically be associated with the ticket.
  • Track Tasks, Actions and Work Time:Some tickets might go beyond simple requests - this is why allows you to narrow down the structure of a ticket by adding tasks and actions. This also allows your co-workers to track their effort for the corresponding ticket.
  • Items and Material:If a support ticket involves material, for instance because spare parts are required to solve a service request, you can simply add the required items to your ticket.

Contract & Subscription Management

  • Manage Contracts:You can use to easily manage your company's contracts and subscriptions as well as all material and billing positions that are included. As with all objects you can define individual form fields.
  • PDF Print Outs:You can also use to export your contract into a PDF document that you can send out to your customer. As with billing documents you can customize every aspect of your PDF template.
  • Automated Billing:When it comes to subscriptions, enables you to automatically create and send customer invoices based on the billing cycle and the billing items you define in a contract.
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