We bring business consultants, developers and sales experts together!

With a great product and 100% commitment towards our Channel and Technology Partners we are set on a journey towards success!

We see as an enabler to transform, shape and optimize entire businesses. In order to meet those challenges, we are seeking to build committed partnerships around the globe.

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Channel Partners

We believe that a direct and trustful customer relationship is the key to success. This is why we see our Channel Partners as the foundation for our global growth strategy. Channel Partners contribute by:

Customer Relationship Management

Channel Partners act as resellers for ZeyOS products and also deliver related services. Therefore we have to rely on credible parters to maintain a stable and trustful relationship with their customers in order to support them to deploy and continuously enhance their system.

Training and Support

The best tools and most efficient processes are in vain, if not all of your co-workers or employees are able to use them. Channel Partners help customers with their internal change management, educate employees and give direct support.

Migration and Configuration

Setting up is just like moving into a new apartment: Existing data and processes will have to be migrated and your new working environment needs to be configured according to the customer's needs and requirements.

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners help customers to design and implement custom requirements. They also integrate and develop own products based on the ZeyOS platform. Typical Technology Partner activities are:

App Development

When developing individual applications or user interfaces, grants you all the freedom you need: You can develop your application front-end based on common web-technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS or even Flash and Java. For the application backend, you can use our iXML SDK.


A lot of customizing requirements go far beyond superficial changes but affect the underlying logic of the application. With you can create custom workflows based on specific system events, timed schedules or via manual user calls.


Complex IT environments are often based on a multitude of different, interdependent components. turns out to be a perfect team player and allows you to define custom interfaces and web services to enable data exchange and integration with other applications.