Searching for a Tool to rule them all

was born in 2009 when Ben and Peter were trying to get an integrated tool for their business. It seemed the Internet had given up on the quest to "create the tool to rule them all": The "big guys" just never really cared about small and mid-sized companies - or never really understood small business owners in the first place - while small software creators were only focusing on tiny niche products, probably still in shock after the first Internet-bubble burst and too anxious to build a complex eco-system for business applications.

Even now, in 2024, the market has not really changed. Big software vendors try to downscale things that were never intended for SMB and software startups still aim for small game and reinvent the "todo list" for the thousandth time.


Having worked for small and midsized companies for the greatest part of our lives, we decided to change all that and offer a truly integrated eco-system for businesses worldwide. No niche solution, but a truly open system that every business can change and adapt. After five years of development, our team is proud that you can now be part of this eco system and join us on this journey to make midsized business - the backbone of our economy - strong again.

We are now in the process to enhance our platforms, gain feedback from our users and meeting people who can help us to make better!


Open Source Commitment

This journey would not have been possible if it wasn't for the power of the open source community. All underlying components are a product of countless developers and contributors, especially Linux, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

During the development of we published various libraries and tools while also actively contributing to projects we use, such as PHP or PostgreSQL. Check out our GitHub page to see what we are up to.

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Open Source Commitment

Social Responsibility

There's a good reason why we chose to create a platform for small and mid-sized businesses. We strongly believe that those entrepreneurs are the true driver for our global economy. Thriving businesses worldwide ensure global piece, prosperity and progress.

Therefore, we actively support small business owners in need through Kiva, a platform to hand out donations and micro loans to small businesses worldwide. We also support start-ups with free software and advice - simply get in touch with us through AngelList.

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Social Responsibility

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