Cloud Architecture

  • Say Goodbye to Servers: is a Cloud-based Businss Operating System, which means you don't need to worry about expensive infrastructure.
  • Everything's in the Browser:Since does not involve installing any software or hardware, you are up and running in no time. All you need is a web browser and you are good to go.
  • Fast Return-on-Investment:With its uncomplicated deployment, no manual maintenance and a pay-as-you-go subscription model, guarantees an instant ROI for your business without considerable upfront investment.
  • Lightning Fast: was built to perform. Not only does feature a modern and intuitive user interface but is also lightning fast so that your team can get more stuff done instead of watching annoying loading screens.


  • Strong Customization Options: allows you to add rich, custom features to your platform. With our free SDK as well as our iXML scripting engine you can customize every aspect of your system.
  • Custom Form Fields:You can define custom form fields for each entity in order to track the information you and your team require.
  • Event-driven Design:One central aspect on is the Event-driven Design Model (EDM). This means you can attach custom functionality to specific events, for instance when an element is created, changed or deleted. This way you can easily trigger custom scripts and background processes to automate specific tasks.
  • Open and Transparent:Your data is important, therefore we are very transparent about the internal data structure. With every new version we publicly release the up-to-date database documentation.


  • Open and Transparent:When we created the REST API we wanted to give developers all possible freedoms to access the full functionality of through a clear and well-documented interface.
  • Create, Update, Delete:Of course you can use REST to remotely create new elements, or update/delete existing ones.
  • SQL via REST:Through our REST API you can also use the Query Builder API. This gives you full access to your data and can also be used for custom reports and analytics.
  • API Blueprint and Swagger:The REST API is also documented through API Blueprint and Swagger. Both are formal API description formats surrounded by a large ecosystem of tools which makes it easier for developers to work with the REST API.


  • Shared Calendars and Contacts: supports CalDAV and CardDAV to synchronize appointments, tasks and contacts with services such as Apple iCloud or Yahoo. This way you can easily connect with your existing calendars or even share your personal calendar with individual groups or users.
  • E-Mail Integration:You can add your existing e-mail accounts to through IMAP and POP3 and even share accounts and mailboxes with specific groups.
  •, Dropbox and Google Drive:You can simply exchange files between and storage providers such as, Dropbox or Google Drive. No matter if you want to attach a file to an e-mail or a Mindlog post, with you have access to everything.
  • RSS Feeds:You can easily subscribe to external RSS feeds in order to display news and events on your Mindlog stream. This way you and your team can stay up to date accross different applications.

Group & User Management

  • Smart Group Permissions:In , user permissions are assigned through groups. For each group you specify the set of apps and features group members get access to, e.g. the "Sales Group" should receive access to the features "Billing" and "Opportunities", etc. You can add each user to multiple groups and also limit their access to "read only".
  • Object-level Permissions:Every element in - no matter if it's a contact or an e-mail - has it's own permission setting and can be either private so that only you can access it, or shared publically across your entire organization or among a specific group. This way you can individually fine-tune access for every element and share individual object with your team as you see fit.
  • Guest Access: makes it easy to invite external users to your platform. Guest users are not able to access public elements and are restricted to the groups and functions you directly assign to them.
  • External Authentication Providers:Some companies use authentication servers, such als LDAP, in order to manage all users and passwords in one centralized system. makes it easy for you to connect to external authentication providers so that your users only have to manage one password accross all your different systems.

Mobile App

  • Access Conversation Streams:You can easily access your Mindlog stream, conversations and files while you are on the go.
  • Access Files:Quickly search and download files on your mobile device.
  • Upload Documents:Upload new files or quickly take a photo of documents with your cell phone camera!
  • Access to your Data:The Mobile App gives you easy access to Groupware and CRM features.

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