Integrated E-Mail

  • Integrated E-Mail:With you can read, write, and send e-mails wherever you are. All you need is a browser.
  • Group Sharing:Individual messages can be easily shared with groups and other users. Stop useless forwarding and avoid e-mail clutter!
  • Put an End to Senseless CC and BCC:Instead of flodding your team's inbox with useless e-mail conversations, you can simply share e-mails and add internal comments.
  • Supports IMAP and POP3:Easily connect with your own mail servers through IMAP and POP3.

Team Calendar

  • Shared Calendar:Share appointments and events with other groups and team members.
  • Integrated with iCloud:You can easily use with your Apple iCloud account and access your appointments from your Mac or iPhone!
  • Follow-Ups:You can also display and link object related events, such as task due dates, contract end, payment days, etc.

Tasks, Projects and Tickets

  • A Clear Structure to Move Work Forward: offers four main apps to organize your work - projects, service tickets, tasks and activities.
  • Quickly Assign Tasks:Organize and manage the tasks in your team more efficiently and assign them to other users with only a few clicks.
  • Automate Workflows:Design individual workflows and automate them easily through scripts.

Time Tracking

  • Integrated Clocking:Track the time for every activity and assign activities to tasks, tickets or customers for easy reporting and billing.
  • Quick Delegation:Time tracking allows you and your co-workers to always have an overview of the real-time progress and time effort spent on individual projects and tasks.
  • Easy Categorization:Besides time you can easily track additional data for every activity, such as categories or travel time.

Documents & Notes

  • Share Your Content:Notes make it super-easy to share ideas, documents and knowledge amoung your co-workers.
  • Seamless Integration:You can associate notes directly with other objects, e.g. you can associate a note about a customer meeting with the related sales opportunity.
  • Markdown Support:Markdown has become a tremendously popular format for text-based documents. With you can easily edit and preview markdown documents.

Bookmarks & Passwords

  • Shared Bookmarks:Easily categorize links and bookmarks and share them with your co-workers!
  • Password Management:You can also store the username and password for each bookmark. Since supports group- and user-restrictions on an object to object basis, you can securely share user credentials with other users of your team.
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