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With you have a rock-solid platform for all sorts of business apps and automation features.

As a developer, you can bring your products and ideas faster to market and give your company an edge over your competitors.

As a company, you can utilize to automate your business processes in order to deliver better value and distinctiveness to your customers.

ZeyOS Development Platform

It's not always possible for standard applications to meet all requirements a company might have. therefore has a strong focus on customization and development and offers you a rich set of tools to achieve your desired customizations with ease.

Take a look inside the ZeyOS Developer Toolbox


The ZeyOS SDK allows you to customize ZeyOS or to create new apps for the ZeyConnect marketplace.

The SDK is based on Eclipse and works an all operating systems. It provides you with syntax highlighting, content assist and many other useful features for your development needs. If you want to install the SDK on your system, read the following document:

ZeySDK Setup

XML-based Scripting

iXML is our XML-based programming language to adapt ZeyOS and develop new apps. It is perfectly suitable for novices without a background in computer programming and is easy to learn. We offer a comprehensive documentation to get you started and assist you at any stage of development.

Learn iXML

C-style Coding

Zymba is our new C-style programming language. Especially developers with experience in C-style languages such as PHP or Java will love Zymba's easy syntax and consistent command palette.

Learn Zymba

Schema Documentation

The database schema is important for your direct access to your platform's database via iXML or Zymba in order to have your data readily available. You can view the schema on our development platform and in the settings of your own platform.

Explore the ZeyOS DB schema

Translation Platform

If you want to create an App for an international audience, localization becomes an important issue. Lingulog is our tool that will assist you tremendously in achieving that task. It provides you with a platform to manage your localization projects, integrates seamlessly with ZeySDK and allows for swift language support for your apps. Additionally, it offers imports and exports and a coherent API also for external projects.

For this reason, we have created Lingulog in order to help developers to share and translate language variables together with external translators.

Discover Lingulog

HTML5 Components

In order to assist you with creating your own apps and designing them in an appealing fashion, we have developed the Gx Components. They are based on the MooTools framework and provide you with a rich set of predesigned building blocks which you can utilize for your own app.

Learn Gx