Hack Your Business, Part 5: Integrating Web Forms in ZeyOS

Peter-Christoph Haider on 09/05/2018.

In the highly competitive environment of the business world the ability to provide a smooth customer experience is one of the key factors of success. Since most interactions are happening online, adopting a new technology can help to differentiate your product or service from others and create a better experience for your customer. Many businesses use web forms and chat bots to improve the communication with their customers and partners. Web forms have a range of benefits compared to the traditional contact forms or clickable e-mail links. They are more convenient for customers by giving them pre-defined options to choose from and thus saving valuable time. The crucial advantage for businesses on the other hand is that they render collecting and processing data much easier.

Since ZeyOS features an Open API it is easy to integrate external services such as Typeform when designing your optimal workflow.

In the following video demo we will show you how can use Typeform to collect leads from your customers:

You can find the iXML source code on GitHub: https://github.com/zeyosinc/typeform

Since customers are the main fuel for your business you have to make sure they are satisfied with all the aspects of your service. However, having a great product or service is not enough to win and maintain customer loyalty. Instead, it is paramount that you learn how to be more responsive to your customers’ growing needs. That is why you need to collect information, learn as much as you can about customer preferences and gather feedback. This is where web forms will help you build a solid communication bridge between your customers and your company. Thanks to the modern technology this operation doesn't need to be boring anymore. The newest form building apps allow to adjust the entry fields to your specific business needs and render it a simple and even fun experience for your customers. They may come in different shapes, sizes and types - from simple standalone form apps or form builders built into spreadsheet apps to advanced data processing tools. Here are some examples for top form building solutions, as an alternative to Typeform:

  • Paperform - for building landing page style forms.
  • Jotform - an online form builder with customized fonts, colors and images.
  • Tellform - embedable forms for recruiting, market research, surveys and more.
  • Formsite - for encrypted text fields and linked forms.
  • Cognitoforms - free forms with calculated fields, file uploads, conditional logic, repeating sections, payment fields, and more.
  • Fieldboom - an online form builder to collect leads, subscribers and feedback.

We are positive that you’ll find the perfect form app to generate the most relevant data you can use for your company growth in no time.