5 Steps You Shouldn't Avoid When Starting a Business

Yuliya Valko on 08/09/2017.

It’s great to see how young, self-starting entrepreneurs are passionate and ambitious about their business idea. They can easily picture every detail about it, starting from the office culture and ending with the product and its perfect customer. They seem to know how even the smallest detail of their business should work or what it should look like. But very often there is one thing that most of the beginning entrepreneurs are missing. They don't know how to make the first step from planning to putting it into practice. What do I do? Where do I look? Where do I get my first happy customer? For those who still expect to find some magic way of launching a business this might sound slightly disappointing: unfortunately, there is no other way to start a business than just to start it! :) Yes, you might be surprised but even the most genius business idea will not work unless you start implementing it.


The important thing is that you don’t rush yourself to launch a mass production but rather stick to a lean methodology. You need to make sure that your idea is not just a hallucination.

  1. Build your MVP (minimum viable product) to check if your product is actually as necessary on the market as you imagine it to be. Sometimes the problems we want to solve with our product only seem important to us, while they may turn out to be small or non-existent for others.
  2. Find first customers who will agree to test your products and give you an honest feedback. Maybe you will have to offer them some special conditions in return, but the input you will gain will justify the cost.
  3. Create a base of potential customers who will be your early adopters and start approaching them.
  4. Partner with other non-competitive companies who have the same target audience and would act as your referral.
  5. Keep your expenses at the minimum while your startup is in the testing stage, but still have it all. Luckily you live in era of tech innovations, where you can start your business without renting an office and hiring in-house employees. You can use all possible free tools and resources to hire and manage a remote team and automate your daily operations. This is where you can always count on ZeyOS. We understand how important it is to have a reliable partner while still in the startup phase. That's why we offer startup teams (up to 5 members) to use ZeyOS for free and still benefit from all the features a company needs to run its day-to-day activities.


If your idea is still alive after all those stages you can go ahead and spread the word about it. This is the moment when you can feel free to use all your passion to excite others, be it new customers, investors or new great talents for your startup team.