5 Hacks to Optimize Your Account Management Process

Yuliya Valko on 02/14/2018.

Account management plays a crucial role in increasing the profitability of any business. There is no doubt that a big part of it depends on the proficiency of your team and their successful handling of the customer accounts. But there are some internal processes that shouldn't be ignored, too.

So what else can you do to make your account management more effective and easier on both your own as well as your customers’ side?

There are a couple of things that can be implemented short-term within your team that will contribute to the creation of valuable unified standards for successful account management:

  1. Classify all the repeated daily issues you come across with your customers and write some short procedures to describe how to deal with them. They will serve as an internal FAQ and as great pointers especially for new team members.

  2. Prepare templates with answers for those same repeated issues in different types of communication (e-mail, call or meeting). You don’t necessarily need to stick to every single word of the template, but having some basic outline at hand will surely save you lots of time.

  3. Create a database of case studies team members can contribute to with the most interesting issues and their corresponding solutions. This way you create your own best practices. You can then make your teams even more efficient by using a project management app to split the project into tasks and assign them to specific team members. Check ZeyOS Groupware features to learn more ways of effective team collaboration.

  4. Organize all the information and documents in a well-structured and transparent way to simplify the search in the history of collaboration with your accounts. This process becomes much easier if you use a CRM with strong account management features, where your team has quick access to all elements and data – be it past e-mails, price lists or sales reports. An efficient account management process helps to create a sound basis for any business success. That's why we pay special attention to developing such features on ZeyOS. Learn more about all account management tools available on ZeyOS.

  5. Consider the benefits of a ticket system that will help you prioritize your customer requests and increase your response rate. For more convenience it's better to have it directly integrated with your business software.

We hope these hacks will help you to build a powerful work environment that enables your team to be more productive and build efficient relations with your accounts. Put them into practice and let us know about the results.