Statement of Security

The security of the information you store in ZeyOS and ZeyConnect is important to us.

Zeyon has put various safeguards into action not only to ensure the availability and integrity of your data, but also to keep your sensible information safe from attacks.

Server hardware

All server hardware is owned and operated by Zeyon. No other party has access to your data, neither physical nor digital.

Physical restrictions

Only a handful of people have hands-on access to our servers. Data center access is heavily restricted – not only by key cards or pad locks, but also through biometric sensors.

High-secure data center

Our servers are located in a high-security data center operated by Level(3)– one of the largest carriers worldwide. Through the Level(3) backbone we can ensure high performance connections to the North America, Europe and Asia.

Backups and data replication

ZeyOS is subject to a two-tier backup system. The first tier constantly replicates your data directly within our data center to help prevent data loss and aid in data recovery. This means, if a hard drive or an entire server unit fails, it can be instantly replaced. The second tier creates daily snapshots that are securely pushed to a dedicated backup system at a remote location. Currently, the secondary location that houses the backup system is located in a secured facility inside our office building.

Firewalls and SSL

Our firewalls prevent access to our servers and networks – only Zeyon system administrators can access protected networks through secure VPN connections.
Common users (customers) connect to ZeyOS and ZeyConnect over HTTPS, which ensures that all communication between the user’s web browser and our servers is encrypted through SSL/TLS technology.


ZeyOS and ZeyConnect use PostgreSQL to manage all your data. Each ZeyOS instance has its very own database – only your ZeyOS instance can access this database.

Secure Application Development

Our team strives to keep all used components and software packages up to date and use configurations that are generally considered as best practice. The same goes for the way we develop our own software products and keep them safe from unauthorized access.

Group and user based access restrictions

ZeyOS as well as ZeyConnect allow you to grant access privileges such as data visibility or functionality access to specific users and/or groups. This way each individual user can control the level of data visibility when it comes to safely sharing data within your ZeyOS instance.

Developer access / Own responsibility

ZeyOS is an open platform and as such offers full access to your own database instance and file storage through the ZeyOS SDK and the ZeyOS Developer Console. This means, you should be aware of what you are doing. Be responsible with your own data and try not to destroy your own system, e.g. by accidentally deleting or corrupting database records. This responsibility also extends to the apps you install on your system. We try to ensure a high level of quality when it comes to apps that are distributed through our ZeyConnect marketplace – such apps are clearly marked as “ZeyOS Certified App”. If you deploy apps that have not passed our quality tests, you are doing so at your own risk.

Want to report a security concern?

We certainly appreciate any reports on security concerns or possible exploits you might have identified. Please e-mail us to [email protected].

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