What features holds the calender app?

Let's take a look at the calender app. You will find it in your shortcut bar or in your app menu.

ZeyOS calender app

You can choose between different displays: Day, Week, Month, Year or Agenda. Agenda will show you a list of upcoming appointments.


Like every object, appointments can be associated to other objects.

calender associations

You can assigne any kind of object like email, notes, events or projects.

assigne appointment to other object

Maybe you want to remind a certain group about the upcomming event. Just add a record to inform them via Mindlog.

add record to appointment

If you want to manage the basic properties of your appointments, you can find the data sets in the Appointments menu. While Agenda simply shows you a list of the upcoming events, Appointments shows you all data sets without a specific relation to the current date. You can arrange the data by name, attending and other criteria.

appointment overview