How does mindlog and records work?

Mindlog helps you manage and follow all the objects and communication related to your team's effort. It records everything that's going on and allows you to categorize and share everything.

ZeyOS Mindlog

You can create mindlog records directly

direct mindlog entry

or share any ZeyOS object. Let's say you made an attendance list with Notes and you want to share it with a certain group of collegues. First check the ownership of your note and set it according to the people you want to share it with. Here's how you can do it:

How can I change visibilities and ownerships of any object?

Now go to Add Record and write your message.

add record

add record

You can set the visibility of your message via Owner and can also write messages directly to a certain person. That is done at Recipient.

Now your message appears at Mindlog.

mindlog wall

If you just want to add a short memo to an object that shouldn't appear in Mindlog, you can check the box Hide from Mindlog.