How do I connect ZeyOS with my Gmail Account?

Enable IMAP and allow less secure apps at your Gmail account

To allow programs such as ZeyOS or Outlook to connect to your Gmail account, permission must be set for it under Gmail.

Sign in to Gmail and go to Settings.

Gmail Settings

Select the tap Forwarding and POP/IMAP and Enable IMAP.

Enable IMAP

Save your canges.

Save setting changes

Find further detais at

Stay logged in at your Gmail account and go to

At Sign-in & security select Connected apps & sites.

Google Acouunt Apps

Change the setting Allow less secure apps: to on

Connected apps

Activate 2-step verification at your Google account

Since we reduced safety standard in the previous step, we are going to raise safety standard again by activating 2-step verification. This also facilitates ZeyOS to connect to Gmail.

First go to at Sign-in & security select Signing in to Google.

Signing in to Google

At Password & sign-in method activate 2-Step Verification.

2-Step Verification

Please follow the instructions. As soon as 2-step varification is active, you need to generate an app password

activate verification

Go to Sign-in & security, select Signing in to Google and choose App passwords

App password

At select app please select Other (Custom name). Now name your app e.g. 'ZeyOS'

Select app confugure custom app

Note down your 16-character app password or leave the browser tab open. You will need this password in your mail server settings at ZeyOS.

generated app password

Now Gmail is prepared to work with ZeyOS and you can install it. Here you can find how it works in ZeyOS:

Where can I add my mail accounts to ZeyOS?

Please mind to use the generated App password instead of your Gmail password.