Where can I book a new time entry for a customer or project?

Time entries are managed in Action Steps. They can belong to Tasks, Tickets or Accounts.

Let's create a new action step and see how we associate it with other entries. First open the Action Steps app and create a new one.

ZeyOs Action Step App

create new action step

For the main association you can choose tasks, tickets or accounts.

associate action step

You can't associate an action step directly to a project. You need to associate action steps to existing tasks within a project or create a new task in advance.

After creating the action step you can book time entries as Effort. The only way to record working time is by action steps.

book time

Now take a look at the assigned objects, which you can see on the right side. The effort shown in a task is the sum of all associated action step efforts.

booked time within a task

And the effort shown in a project is the sum of all associated task efforts.

booked time within a project