Where can I register payments?

Once an invoice is booked and sent, you expect a payment. To keep the overview of payed and unpayed invoices, you can save payments in ZeyOS.

There are two essential ways to do so. Let's take a look at them. First go to the collection app:

ZeyOS Collection App

The first way is to create a new payment directly.

add new payment

Don't forget to associate it to the corresponding invoice. You can select from the drop down list or start typing the invoice number.

associate new payment

You have to insert the amount by hand. There is no automated adoption of the invoice amount to ensure a careful review of the payment amount.

complete new payment

The payment status is shown at the invoice overview at the billing app.

billing status overview

The second way is to add a payment at the invoice overview. Go to Billing and open the correlated invoice. You find Payments in the option menu.

billing status overview

Simply add a new payment. Once enough money is payed, the invoice status gets Paid.

add new payment to invoice

complete new payment