How does the billing process work?

The billing tool at ZeyOS offers you five different features: quotes, orders, deliveries, invoices and credits. Each type of document can be created separately or generated from an other document.

Let's take a look at the billing app:

ZeyOS Billing App

billing overview

Now we want to perform a complete work flow. To do so we create a new quote.

assigne account to quote

When you assigne your quote to an account, adresses and price lists can be applied automatically. Now we can fill our quote with items. When adding inventory items you can search and coose from your inventories.

search inventory item

add inventory item

Beside inventory items you can add line items and text. Line items have several parameters like price per unit, tax rate or unit. You can create own units, which are stored in a system file.

add line item to quote

If you want to give an explanation, you can insert a text. Choose from several types of texts.

add text to quote

The sequence of your listed items can be changed by drag and drop.

Be aware of the difference between saving and booking. A draft can be deleted.

deleate quote

When you book a transaction it can't be deleted anymore but it can be cancelled.

cancel quote

Only booked quotes can be transferred into orders.

Now the main part is done. With a quote as base we can create the following documents by simply retrieving the given information. Let's go to Orders and create a new order. Retrieve shows you all quotes you can use as a source.

new order

retrieve quote

You can even select single items from your quote.

select retrieve items

The same way you can create deliveries from booked orders. Invoices can be generated from either booked deliveries or from booked orders directly. Please notice that once an invoice is booked directly from an order, you can't create an associated delivery anymore. You will have to cancel the booked invoice before. Credits can be created from booked invoices. As soon as an invoice is booked, it automatically creates an entry in the collection app.